Stanza to Reason

Sounding Off  comments on the general state of the world in poems or prose such as the following:

Yes/no votes are opinions not plans

A referendum on “Should May’s government leave office?” could again have 60 per cent voting yes. Voters gave that verdict in 2017 when cancelling a Conservative majority in Parliament. In 2016, Brexit’s slim majority was one vote in thirty. Whether or not that majority still exists, it was for policy not a particular plan. Parliament must now choose a Brexit plan. MPs should engage voters in choosing how, when, why, and whether, implementing any plan is genuinely in the national interest. 10 January 2019

Democracy in the shadows?
What’s the fuss on the Brexit debate?
A clear vote of no confidence
in Theresa May’s government.
was passed last year by voters
Slices of Brexit

Glaciers meet the democratic sea.
People change their minds all the time
or ballots would never be needed.
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Absolute Balderdash Rules

Absolute Balderdash Rules
This B dashing game is played every day
in Parliament, media, pubs, and elsewhere.
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