Cheltenham Poetry Festival

A blogger’s eye view of the forthcoming Festival

Below is a list of all the events in this year’s festival. It links each event to details and booking information.

A full calendar with details of all events will appear in the Festival Web site shortly.

Thursday 25th April
1 Jamie Thrasivoulou and Charley Barnes                  Event 1 details
7pm – 8pm, Smokey Joes                                                 
2 SONGLINES – Dan Hartland, Scott James              
and Charlie Chitty                                                              Event 2 details        
8.30pm – 10pm, Smokey Joe’s

Friday 26th April
One novelist, One theme – Native Abdul-Ahad Patel

and Nafeesa Hamid                                                            Event 3 details        
7pm – 8pm, Frog and Fiddle
4 OUTSPOKEN 2 – Trailblazing Spoken Word and
Pioneering Poetry Getting Adjusted
Casey Bailey
and Hannah Linden                                                           Event 4 details
8.30pm – 9.30pm, Frog and Fiddle
5 Techno Prisoners – electro and spoken word
– Charlie Baxter, Michael D. Wynn and 1990’s Chris Event 5 details
9.45pm till late, Frog and Fiddle

Saturday 27th April
6 Richard Skinner workshop     Event 6 details
11am – 12.30pm, The Strand
7 Tell me the Truth about LoveBrenda Read Brown, Ian Parker-Dodd, and Marilyn Timms Event 7 details
2pm, The Strand
8 Precarious Truth – Richard Skinner & Pete Raynard Event 8 details
3.30pm, The Strand
9 Poetry as Protest – Kamil Mahmood, Belinda Rimmer,
plus open mic Event 9 details
5pm – 6pm, The Strand
10 Gag Order – Comedy at Cheltenham Poetry Festival
Richard James and Nick Mazonowicz. Event 10 details
7pm, Smokey Joe’s
11 Rowan McCabe – Door-to-Door Poet
A theatre/spoken word show Event 11 details                       
8.30pm, Smokey Joe’s,

Sunday 28th April
12 Women AloudA group of women poets
led by Angela France Event 12 detail
Sunday 28th April, 2pm, Playhouse Lounge
13 Under the Influence 
Ann Drysdale & Duncan Forbes Event 13 details
Sunday 28th April, 3.30pm, Playhouse Lounge
14 Verisimilitude – Roy Marshall, Steve Walter
& Derek Healy Event 14 details
5pm – 6pm, Playhouse Lounge
15 Desert Island Poetry with Annette Badland Event 15 details
7pm, Playhouse Main Stage
16 University Showcase Event 16 details
8.30pm Playhouse Main Stage, 8.30pm

Monday 29th April
17 Lyric poetry and lyrics – two literary siblings?  Event 17 details
7pm – 8pm, Playhouse Main Stage
18 Doctor Zeeman’s Catastrophe Machine – the theatre show – Martin Figura Event 18 details
8.30pm, Playhouse Main Stage

Tuesday 30th April
19 Poetry and the Cotswolds –
a talk with Sylvia Charlewood Event 19 details
2pm – 3pm, Playhouse Lounge
20 Let the sunshine in: photosynthesis and poetry in Gerard Manley Hopkins and Dylan Thomas – John Parham Event 20 details
3.30pm – 4.30pm, Playhouse Lounge
21 Devotion, Real and Simulated: the religious poetry of George Herbert & John Donne — P.M Oliver Event 21 details
5pm – 6pm, Playhouse Lounge
22 Working Class Voodoo and Hex
Bobby Parker and Jennie Farley Event 22 details
7pm – 8pm, Playhouse Lounge
23 Vanguard Verse Neil Richards and Shaun Hill, Jack Crowe, James Kearns Event 23 details
8.30pm – 10pm, Playhouse Lounge

Wednesday 1st May
24 Rhythm and Rhyme –
Davey Edge and Chris Hemingway Event 24 details
2pm – 3pm, Playhouse Lounge
25 Kim Moore – Encounters in Poetry – a workshop   Event 25 details
3.45 – 5.45pm, Playhouse Lounge
26 Truth is a Five Letter Word – Kim Moore, David Clarke
and Cian Murphy   Event 26 details  
6.45pm – 8pm, Playhouse Lounge
27 Cheltenham Poetry Festival Players –
Water, Water Everywhere Event 27 details
8.30pm, Playhouse Lounge

Thursday 2nd May
27A Place in Prose –
workshop with Christine Whittemore   Event 27A details
2.30pm – 4pm, Playhouse Lounge
28 Indigo Dreams Showcase – Truth and Lies Event 28 details
7pm, Playhouse Main Stage
29 For the Silent – the launch of an anthology of poetry against cruel sports (Indigo Dreams) Event 29 details
8.30pm, Playhouse Main Stag

Friday 3rd May
30 How to Keep Motivated as You Write your Manuscript Event 30 details
3pm, Playhouse Lounge
31 OUTSPOKEN 3 – Steve Pottinger, George Cooper,
and Matt Nicholson Event 31 details
7pm – 8pm, Playhouse Main Stage
32 URBAN POETRY COMEDY HIP HOP – Professor Elemental
with Joy-Amy Wigman and JPDL Event 32 details
8.30pm – 10pm, Playhouse Main Stage

Saturday 4th May
33 Frost and Fire, the Dragon, Wolf and Raven –
the world of the Poetic Edda Event 33 details
2.30pm – 3.30pm, Playhouse Lounge
34 Paul Deaton and Ross Cogan Event 34 details
4.00pm, Playhouse Lounge
35 Graham Clifford, Holly Magill and John Porter Event 35 details
5.30pm – 6.30pm, Playhouse Lounge
36 SLAMALOT! 9th Cheltenham Poetry Festival Slam   Event 36 details
8pm, Playhouse Main Stage