Absolute Balderdash Rules

Absolute Balderdash RulesI recently played a new bluffing game
then discovered I’d known it for years.

One player, the dasher, reads a question aloud
the others invent secret answers.

Each player’s script is shuffled with the true one
the dasher reads out them all.

In turn, each person votes for an answer
which they think is nearest the truth.

All who choose truth progress in the game
those who choose fakes don’t move forward.

But those who’ve written fake news that’s believed
more forward a space for each person they’ve conned.

This B dashing game is played every day
in Parliament, media, pubs, and elsewhere.

Whether rule takers, rule makers, rule breakers
so many focus on winning the game

don’t care whether truth or lie is their tool
or what really matters. They just want to win.

Howard Timms September 2018