Democracy in the shadows?

What’s the fuss on the Brexit debate?
A clear vote of no confidence
in Theresa May’s government.
was passed last year by voters
who now rely on Parliament
to stop the unholy row
of fifty vague shades of Brexit
and give us real, firm plans
so we can democratically decide
if any change is worth it. 

Slices of Brexit

Brexit means Brexit
is like saying
bread means bread.

If bakers say
that swallowing bread
means more cash for
looking after health
some believe it
especially when no-one shouts
as loud about other foods
or balanced diets.

We’ve all tasted many  loaves of Brexit
so varied in size, shape,
and ingredients
and some half-baked
yet all we hear is
you all asked for bread..

Folks are drawn to bread
by sheer variety  –
but when one baker says
just one bread’s on offer.
people think
of other food they’re used to
and bakers have to listen.